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    Legend & Co. is a small family owned business based in San Diego, California that was established back in 2012. Due to the high demand of our confetti cannons, we have chosen to expand across the internet so EVERYONE has the opportunity to see how much LIFE and FUN our cannons can bring.

    The owner served in the Navy for 6 years and completed two combat deployments with the marine corps as a Navy Corpsman; one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Soon after Sean got back from his last deployment he was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms and was medically retired from the Navy.

    He quickly realized that life isn't as bad as people make it...and it can always be worse. He wanted to introduce a product to the market that will be a reminder to them of how awesome life really is and how you should "Enjoy the moment!"

    There are plenty of confetti cannons on the market but you can buy from us with confidence that the product does work as advertised. Sean still lives by his Navy Core Values; Honor ,Courage and commitment. Honor to serve you, courage to do the right thing and committed to your happiness! So, if you aren't happy just reach out to us!

    Now that you know about us... are you wanting to give your party all the excitement of a confetti launch? You have come to the right place! For a remarkable cascade of amazing displays during the festivities, you can liven up the day with this multi-color confetti cannon

    A blast of colors that's perfect for any outdoor or indoor celebration! These easy to use cannons are filled with biodegradable tissue paper. To operate, simply hold with both hands and twist the base of the unit; the confetti will blast into the air with a nice "pop" followed by a cloud of color!