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    These are fantastic. Because of the coronavirus, we had to do a drive-by birthday party. Each car shot off one of these as it approached the house. Even though it was drizzling out... they shot high into the air and made a perfect fluttering down on the birthday boy. He was elated! Worth every penny!!!!!—Ali Benny

    This was absolutely perfect for our gender reveal! It was really easy to twist and set the cannon off which is great because I was worried it was going to be a struggle. Also, it comes with 4 black stickers to cover up the pink/blue little window that tells you which cannons are pink and which are blue which was genius! It came within a week, over a week before they estimated that it would come. We would suggest this company to any of our friends :) you will not be disappointed!—Morgan O.

    OMG. Just get this. It is perfect for your gender reveal; there’s no possible way of your surprise being spoilt... that is unless someone ruins it for you... BUT trust me this was perfect! I had my coworker contact my doctor’s office on my behalf and she covered both cannons. She gave me the right color (I was flying out to have my reveal done with my bf) and my sister the opposite color (so she could have a reveal with my family here). Everything went perfectly!!!Sarah B

    Loved using these cannons to share with our family, that we are having a boy! Each cannon has a color window to see whether it's pink or blue (two blue, two pink cannons are included). The cannons were perfect! Easy to twist and they popped sending blue confetti soaring! It was beautiful! Clean up (outdoors) isn't a worry since they are biodegradable. Would love to use again in the future.A.P.