Biodegradable Cannons Gender Reveal Cannons

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons (2 Pink + 2 Blue)

$29.99 $25.59
15% off
Biodegradable Cannons Gender Reveal Cannons

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons (2 Pink + 2 Blue)

$29.99 $25.59
15% off
4 Packs (2 Pink & 2 Blue)
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 WORLDS FIRST Gender reveal cannon with color check window to ensure contents are correct (patent pending)! These foot long powder poppers are prepared to pack a punch. They're fun, unique & perfect for gender reveal parties!

Popper Pack Includes: (4) gender reveal popping pre-filled with holi powder [2 blue powder poppers, 2 pink poppers] + black stickers

2 OF EACH COLOR - Keep the classic gender reveal feel by keeping it a secret from everyone until the last min..Even keep it from yourself.

SAFE NONTOXIC HOLI POWDER - 95% Cornstarch Powders Blended with Premium Quality Pink, Blue Food Grade Dyes
Have peace of mind knowing our gender reveal powders are as safe as they can be. Made from top quality ingredients. 100% Toxic-Free Powder!

POWDER EXPLOSION FOR PRETTY PHOTOS - Brightly Colored Powder Shows Up Great in Photographs - Create, Preserve Memories!
Stop looking for out-of-the-box gender reveal ideas. These poppers are preferred by family photographers, party planners, DIY enthusiasts. 

Popular Exploding Powder for Gender Reveal Parties
✅ Thicker, Stronger, Sturdier, Easier to Use than Confetti Cannons
✅ No Clean Up Necessary - Food-Grade Powder is Biodegradable
✅ No Peeking! - Small Peep Hole for Assurance, Blackout Stickers

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Easy to use. Simply twistto operate!

100% Water Soluble

100% Safe and

Food Grade
Cornstarch Powder

Powder Dissolves
in Air

Vibrant Burst of
Powder and Confetti

Shoots Over
15 Feet

Made of Clear PVC

Made of Cardboard

Can Check the Inside

Can Ruin Gender Reveals

Shoot 15-20ft

Less Power, Less Powerful