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    Newsletter — confetti cannons

    Ring in the New Year with Glittering Gold Confetti Cannons

    Are you looking to add some extra sparkle, some extra fun or some extra shine to your New Year's Eve celebration? Then consider using gold confetti cannons!

    Here are a few great reasons why gold confetti cannons should be considered and added to your New Year's festivities:

    1. Gold is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Adding gold confetti to your celebration can help set the tone for a successful and fortunate year to come.

    2. Gold confetti is eye-catching and adds a touch of glamour to any event. It's a great way to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your celebration.

    3. Gold confetti cannons are easy to use and create a big impact. Simply point and shoot, and your party will be showered in a glittering rain of gold confetti.

    4. Gold confetti is versatile and can be used in a variety of celebrations, not just New Year's Eve. From birthdays and weddings to corporate events and concerts, gold confetti cannons can add that extra special touch to any occasion.

    So why wait? Add some gold confetti magic to your New Year's Eve celebration and start the year off with a bang!


    Gold confetti order here

    Gold New Years Confetti


    Gold New Years confetti cannons

    The Best Confetti Cannons

    Legend & Co. has sourced the best confetti cannons on the market and made them affordable for even the tightest budget.

    Our team of trusted team and event planners spent countless hours finding the right confetti cannons to meet our high standards. We are confident that you will love mixing and matching these units to create a dramatic display at your next party or event.

    Some of the best captured memories come from the pictures and videos taken with confetti cannons. Either from a gender reveal party, birthday celebration, work promotion, New Years or any celebration.

    Confetti cannon celebration

    If you haven’t had a chance to try out some confetti cannons. Click the link below and see why cannons make great moments legendary. 🎉


    Buy confetti cannons

    Top 5 Confetti Cannons for Nightclubs

    Top 5 Confetti Cannons for Nightclubs

    We’ve sold thousands of confetti cannons to many different nights clubs. Night clubs from San Diego to Las Vegas to Miami to New York and all around the country. 

    These 5 confetti cannons sell more to these night clubs compared to many of our other cannons. If you are searching for the perfect confetti cannons for your night club, this list should be a good guide to help you see what’s best for you.  

    The most Gold and Silver colored cannons are packed with beautiful shimmery pieces of mylar confetti.

    The mylar material are great for clubs because they’re fire resistant and they shinny material look amazing floating down from the sky.







    The multicolor confetti cannons are great as well. There are not shinny like the silver or gold cannons but the many colors released from the cannons look great as well. 




    The new streamer cannons are the newest addition to our confetti cannon line up.

    They are becoming more popular with there shimmering streams.

    When it comes to the our top 5 confetti cannons for night clubs, these have been voted as our crowd favorites. 

    Be safe, never point your cannon towards anyone. Do not eat the confetti cannons and try not to fire cannons on a hard dance floor to help avoid people from slipping. 


    More Cannons available here—> https://legendnco.com/collections/cannons

    Confetti Cannons

    When it's party time, grab yourselves some water soluble rice paper cannons from the #1 confetti cannon source online. 

    We offer a variety of colors of biodegradable cannons. Blue, Pink, Multicolor, white and more. Go take a look at our product line up in our products section, which includes:

    Multi colored biodegradable cannons

    Rice paper cannons

    Gender reveal biodegradable cannons and more. 

    The cannons are blasted into the air with the twist of your wrist. Once they are pooped the paper slowly falls from the sky They were designed to be safe from backfire and mistake free with our custom view port "peep hole" on the side of the cannons. 

    The water soluble tissue based confetti cannons will breakdown fast in water inside.


    Our cannons are great for every indoor and outdoor celebration. Especially company events, birthday surprises, graduations, promotions, holiday celebrations and so much more. 

    The cannons are very easy to use.

    Click on this link and start shopping for your confetti cannons today!