Confetti cannons are a great interactive element to have at your graduation party.

They can be used as decoration, a game or to make your photos extra special.

Some things you should consider before purchasing confetti cannons is what they are made of, where you will use them and how big they are.

The most popular material for confetti cannons is paper, biodegradable paper and rice paper so that it won't do any damage if the cannon gets broken or falls over on someone.

Confetti celebration

Confertti cannons also come in different sizes and shapes so they can be used for different settings and occasions.

For example, rice paper confetti is great for outdoor events because the rice paper melts in water and makes it easy to clean.

Confetti canons are a great way to make graduation pictures look better. They add an extra bit of fun and excitement to the photos.

The confetti is colorful and festive, and it really makes the graduates stand out in the pictures. The canons are also very easy to use. You just point and shoot, and the confetti goes flying. This is a great way to add some extra pizzazz to your graduation pictures.

College graduation pictures

June 08, 2022 — Travis Triggs

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