Confetti is often thrown over newlyweds to start the celebration and give the event a festive feel. This beloved tradition dates back centuries. Here are some helpful tip to helping the bride and groom plan the ideal confetti moment.

How much confetti will you need?
Having enough confetti on hand is essential for a successful confetti shower. I would say that about half of the visitors will join in the confetti shooting. Therefore, 5 confetti cannons packages can be made from one liter of material. It is advised to buy at least 5 packages of petals if you are expecting 25 of your 100 wedding guests to wish to shoot confetti from the cannons.

Where should the confetti cannons be shot?
Confetti cannons are customarily shot when the newlyweds leave the ceremony location. To ensure maximum impact, pick a location that is open and visible, such a wide grass or a well-lit path. Consider shooting confetti cannons in a specific spot, such as by the entrance if the event is indoors.

Confetti Wedding

Which kind of confetti should I use?
Confetti comes in a variety of forms, each having a distinctive appearance and texture. For instance, our white circle confetti produce a gentle and romantic appearance,  tissue paper confetti adds a brilliant flash of color. Metallic and Gold confetti offers a touch of sparkle, while water soluble confetti is a choice that is friendly to the environment. When selecting the confetti, take into account the venue and the wedding's color palette.

Outdoor events are best with water soluble confetti and can be watered down and melt away. While our biodegradable confetti will not break down suddenly with will break down overtime.

The mylar tissue material is suggested to be used indoors, because that material is not biodegradable and will not break down.

Wedding Confetti Cannons

How to prepare for the confetti throw?                                                             Before the confetti cannons release, make sure to have plenty of confetti cannons ready, as well as baskets or containers for guests to scoop up confetti.

Assign a designated confetti shooter, who will help distribute the confetti to guests and coordinate the throw. Encourage guests to get involved and join in the fun. With a little preparation and attention to detail, the confetti throw will be a memorable and exciting moment for the newlyweds and their guests.

January 13, 2023 — Travis Triggs

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