In recent years, powder cannons have grown in popularity and are frequently employed in a variety of outdoor celebrations. One of the first concerns that may come up when planning a gender reveal celebration and thinking about using a powder cannon is safety. And Yes, they are safe.

Compressed air is used by powder cannons to power them, removing the possibility of combustion or explosion. Powder cannons are a safe option for gender reveal celebrations and all users, regardless of expertise level, as compressed air is non-flammable.

Additionally, these cannons don't contain any potentially harmful substances, making them a safe and responsible option for anybody wishing to spice up their gender reveal or any outdoor activities. Powder cannons give users piece of mind with their safety features, allowing them to concentrate on having fun with their family and friends. They also help pictures looks amazing! 

Take a look at our Blue and Pink options below:

Pink Powder Cannon

Blue Powder Cannon

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons










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January 04, 2023 — Travis Triggs

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