Pink gender reveal powder cannon

Our gender reveal confetti and powder cannons and be purchased anywhere in the United States and now recently Canada.

But if you like to pick up your cannons from us locally, we are located in San Diego California. 

Let’s say you or your family/friend is planning a gender reveal soon and need gender reveal cannons as soon as possible. We can schedule a time for you to pick them up.

Send us an email at or you can give us a call direct at 858.900.3029.

After we connect, we’ll schedule an appointment for pick up. 

The typical wait time for an online orders to be delivered is 3-5 business days.

Hope this was helpful.

The holidays have been picking up, so if you are interested in cannons connect with us as soon as possible for a faster delivery time!


Gender reveal powder cannon

Gender reveal confetti cannons


November 19, 2021 — Travis Triggs

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