As the fastest growing confetti cannon company in the nation, we get this question a lot.

Before you get to the number of cannons needed, you must first ask yourself what type of event are you holding and how many people will be attending.

Let's look at a few scenarios:

If you are doing this as a surprise to make someone's birthday more festive, we suggest using 1-5 cannons. As a precaution, make sure not to aim at an individual's face.

Also, due to the coronavirus, we have seen a trend which is, drive-by birthdays. A drive-by birthday is when participants are driving by the celebrant's house and blasting them with confetti out of the window of a slow-moving vehicle. We suggest 1-5 cannons as well.


For the first dance, two-four 12-inch cannons crossed over the dance floor will engulf the beautiful couple. If you would like to cover the entire dance floor, use 5- 10 cannons

There are many times throughout the wedding that you may find good use to launch the cannons. These can include but not limited to; church exit, still photography, or, as stated above, when the couple chooses to dance.



Due to the small area that the photographer is attempting to capture, we suggest 1-5 cannons. Consider two takes to adjust firing angles so that you get the best cascade of confetti.


Corporate launch/party

From our years of supplying corporate events, we see that the moments with the most significant impacts are; new years day, ribbon cutting, or award ceremonies. 

To cover the most area, position guests around the venue and agree on firing the cannons all at the same time.

And finally, don't underestimate the impact of our 12-inch cannons. You can easily cover a banquet hall with 20-30 cannons....but of course, the more you fire, the more significant the effect will be.

May 20, 2020 — Sean Sailes

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