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    Newsletter — pink powder cannon

    Can gender reveal powder cannons be used inside?

    Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Party

    A gender reveal party is a fun event with friends and family to come celebrate the arrival a new coming family member. It's a gathering to find out the sex of a new baby. 

    There are many ways announce the gender of the baby. Powder cannons are a great option. 

    When your friends and family begin arriving to the party they can choose whether you are having a boy or girl. 

    While the suspense builds everyone enjoys themselves eating food, catch up, talking and enjoying music. 

    Once all of your guest arrive to your selected location, the celebration begins. 

    Everyone usually participates in the count down, 1-2-3 POP and the gender is revealed. 

    The Gender reveal powder cannons are a great option for a gender reveal party because they create a large cloud of blue or pink color powder when they are fired into the air.  See how the powder cannons look in the pictures below. 





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