Are you planning a Christmas play this year and you having a hard time finding decoration for your play.

Decorations for the barn, the hay, the stage, the different animals, the snow and so on.

If you’re planning to have a Christmas play, start planning it sooner than later. 

We only have a month and a half until Christmas time. We’re hitting mid October and sourcing items right now is a good idea. 

Nothing worse until waiting until crunch time for a play and the few items you really want and need are sold out because you waited too long.

I’m not sure what you have in mind.

But, I think some of the most important things about play and the world we live in now are the pictures and the videos.

They will capture the event to either help further the conversation of your play or to keep as a great memory.

Our white confetti cannons are a great addition to a play. They are white like snow and would look great in your Christmas plays pictures and videos.

Christmas play

 Click here and Learn More details about the cannons. 

December 04, 2021 — Travis Triggs

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