Here are basic introductions on how to use confetti cannons. 5 helpful tips to make sure you and your guest have an amazing experience with Legend & Co. Confetti Cannons!


By the bend of this post you will have a great understanding of how confetti cannons work.

Step One: Follow the instructions.

Make sure when you receive your Legend & Co package. FIrst scan the bar code on the side of the box with you phone and watch the “How to use the Confetti cannon video”.

Step Two: Safety

Follow the arrows around the cannons and point the arrows up towards the sky. Twist the bottom portion of the cannons with the directions of the arrows. The confetti cannons pop with power so it’s very important to keep safety in mind. Never aim the confetti cannons at any person or animal.

Step Three: Grip Tight and Hold on

When twisting the cannons with your hands. Use two hands to popping the cannons. You will twist your hands and arms in opposite directions. Make sure your not pointing the cannons towards your body.

Step Four: Twist and POP

When you’re ready to pop the cannons, firmly hold, use a little force!  Be prepared for the loud pop! It will catch you by surprise how powerful they are and your eyes will be lost in the beauty of the cannons.

Step Five: Enjoy and Celebrate

Finally, the confetti or powder is flying through the air. Take a moment to capture videos, pictures or just a second to enjoy the experience with your friends and family. By now you are a confetti cannons pro, ready to use them at any occasion.

Bonus Tip:

If you are going to be popping your cannons with your family and friends pay attention to the timing. 

If everyone wants to be in sync.

To insure success everyone must have your hands gripped tight and ready to twist in the same direction. 

Double check to make sure everyone has an understanding on how to use the cannons and watch your pictures come out amazing. 

Confetti cannons intro


Confetti cannon click here

December 13, 2021 — Travis Triggs

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